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Weird Letter: Aryuveda & Migraines

some letters aren’t weird at all – they’re informative and could lead to gifts. this is one such letter to a friend in need of a migraine remedy. I found two great ones in first Thailand and then India – and I’m happy to say at this point that I don’t seem to get migraines […]

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Web Kooks: Astral Projection

{I am, without a doubt, a Web Kook. I too have videos to prove it, but this chick is really something else. She has about 200 videos on YouTube…and anyone named thedarkmoonmidnight is someone who would probably be my friend IRL.} By the time I arrived in Dharamsala, my relationship with Dee Dee Clohessy already […]

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WWOOF: See the World from the Earth

This is something I learned about in India and looked into before I left Thailand but there was nothing listed for them. (I have since found an independent list that has 15 Thai farms on it.) WWOOF is World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and by all accounts, it’s a great way to travel and […]

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