To My Female Sky Traveler

Written as a love note to someone I’m no longer with…sigh.

Love Poem/Bon Mots for my lover from “The Tibetan Arts of Love” by Gedun Chopel. {from wikipedia: Amdo Gendün Chöphel (Tibetan ?????????????????, 1903–1951). A creative and controversial figure, friend of Rahul Sankrityayan, who is considered by many to have been one of the most important Tibetan intellectuals of the 20th Century. His life was the inspiration for Luc Schaedler’s film “The Angry Monk: Reflections on Tibet.”}

Obeisance to the feet of Maheshvara {Shiva}
Whose appealing body has the cast of the stainless sky
Who eternally plays in the glory of pleasure
– without emission,
And who resides on the snowy Mount Kailasa of Tibet

I bow down to the feet of the goddess Gauri {Durga}
Whose beautiful face has the cast of the full moon,
Whose smiling white teeth are like a pearl rosary,
Whose swelling breasts have the form of a bulbous conch;

Gedun Chopel specifies nine areas for kissing:

Ears, throat, cheeks, armpits {a truly neglected erogenous zone, boys, check it out sometime} lips, thighs, stomach, breasts and vagina…and the area between the breasts to the knees is tamed only by the touch of sex….

The progression of kisses is from the upper body to the lower, thusly:

At first kiss the shoulders, then the armpits
And then slowly move to the stomach.
If greatly aroused and mischievous, kiss the thighs and vagina – and –
Draw the water in the canals to the lake.

From the SEVENTH ART: Activities of the man done by the woman

Role reversal not only is recommended for passionate women but also is an *indispensable* (fancy that) form of arousal for some:

These methods of sex, shifting from top to bottom, are for young women intoxicated with passion. In Malaya (Kerala, where the eggs come from 😉 and so forth women are accustomed to this and though, honored with gold, will not lie underneath.

Ideally, in all ecstatic congress, the seminal fluid is not emitted and remains inside its channels, heightening the ecstatic state of orgasm:

For those intoxicated by inexhaustible pleasures in whom the fiery tongue ofbliss vibrates inside – the essential fluid having been bound in the thousand channels – there are no prohibitions….

And, with lyric beauty unsurpassed by even the finest Western sex poets, Chopel advises that ALL INHIBITIONS BE CAST ASIDE:

Looking at a mirror in front, do it.
Squeezing a nipple with the teeth, suck
With the tongue clean away the dripping feminine fluid
– and so forth
Intoxicated and confusing the memory…do…everything. {Shit yeah, life is short}

Smear honey on each other and taste
Or taste the natural fluids.
Suck the slender and bulbous tube.
Intoxicated and confusing the memory, do everything!

Tell risqué stories
Reveal completely the hidden places
Think and do embarrassing things*
* {and I can tell you for a fact, you get MUCH BETTER at this with PRACTICE}
Intoxicated and without analysis, do everything

Put the flower of feigning behind the ear.
Give away the plant of doubt as the food of the birds.
The female fish of embarrassment is carried away by the black crow.
Whatever one is not, one is at this time. (add italics and really pause on that.)

Just as a man becomes passionate, so much a skillful woman touches, raises, and shows her breasts and inebriates him even more with words of passion. She groans and kisses again and again and, aiming her chest and lower parts, embraces. With the form of complete intoxication and no clothes at all she makes her body naked. Then forsaking all attitudes of embarrassment, (Chopel believes both embarrassment and sexual shame traps energy that, when unleashed, offers unbridled sexual passion that can CHANGE YOUR LIFE) with the sexy face of burning passion, she looks at the male’s hard phallus. She rocks, rubs, and strokes it with her hands, intoxicating him.

Where Vatsyayana {believed to be the author of the Kama Sutra} gives many different opinions on the suitability or unsuitability of oral sex, Gedun Chopel has no hesitation for recommending it to those open to it. He also says that special beings who assist in the practice of tantra have recommended it for enhancing sexual yoga:

These deeds [of oral sex] are described in the treatises on the Female Sky Travelers (see dakini, astral sex, succubi, etc.) for the sake of satisfying extremely passionate men and women who can hold the constitutional essences in their bodies without emission.

Female Sky Travelers assist men who wish to retain their emission for the sake of increased love, sexual power, and the transcendence of the merely reproductive functions of sexuality, who wish to build the Thousand-Petaled Lotus in their Crown Chakra, and increase their tantric potential and Buddhahood.

I love you, darling. With all my heart – and everything else.

– gregoryp™, July 28, 2010, Dharamsala, India.