gregoryp™ is the web identity of real-life American journalist Gregory J. Pleshaw. Pleshaw began his career in the ‘zine culture of the late ’80s before moving on to newspapers and magazines that include The New Mexican, Wired, Fast Company, The Industry Standard, New Mexico Magazine, the Boston Phoenix’s Erotica section, the Seattle Gay News and many, many others. Past beats include arts, entertainment, politics, social justice, technology, business, internet security, online gaming, SEO, music, software, real estate, social networking sites, travel, and sexuality and gender issues. He spends an inordinate amount of time on the Internet, particularly facebook, twitter, and various blogs that he maintains. In 2004, he released a book entitled, The Collapse of Time: Confessions of a Quantum Humanist for Plaza Rat Press of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The book sold out to subscribers prior to publication, but Pleshaw declined to do a second printing, favoring his ongoing electronic publishing efforts. His “fan base” exists whenever he writes and publishes online.

In 1994, Pleshaw wrote a polemic about what he believed were two emerging forms of literature – “living-in-a-narrative” which he described as “memoir on acid,” and “exploded narrative” which was intended to illustrate the ways in which the online world was intersecting with real-time to allow for rich-media narratives. SubDrop is an example of the former idea and with the arrival of the e-book and the iPad, the technology has finally reached the time when the latter may be more fully explored. Pleshaw hopes to do this, both as a real person and a web identity. The pseudonym of gregoryp™ was born when Pleshaw wrote an essay on his website in 1997 on Monsanto’s proposal (and subsequent approval) to be allowed to trademark seeds. The essay was titled Trademark Yourself before Someone Else Does, and thus gregoryp™ was born.