Joblessness: An Epidemic in the US Right Now

Interesting, disturbing and to some degree – hopeful article in the Atlantic on unemployment in the US right now. Even though the government wants us to believe the recession is over, it may be quite some time before the average person feels it. But if you’re out of work and you’ve been looking for a job lately, the article provides an interesting way to shed some light on your own hardships. After all, a frequent malady that arises in trying to find work and being unable to do so if that there’s something wrong with you – but in times like this, it’s not about you, it’s about the damn shebang.

Whenever I’ve been out of work – and that’s happened a lot, actually, I’ve found myself digging deep with study and projects that tend to take me in new directions about what I value. As it stands now, my values have been shifting for a couple of years anyway, and because I do have a room over my head I have a luxury to be grateful for in terms of lots of opportunities to read, write and consider what might be next for me.

Some people aren’t so lucky, and are instead scrambling to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. In times like these, whatever you have is a cause for celebration, a chance to see that maybe what you have is a lot more than what others have – offering you a chance to maybe sit back from the anxiety of “what will I do?” to “how can I help someone else get through this?”

Think about it. And call your friends – chances are good, they’re feeling the pinch just like you.

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