Dr. Sanford Levy: #1 google-spot for “Buffalo Doctors vitamins”

Since arriving in Buffalo, I have pretty much figured out that despite my initial thoughts, I will not go back on Western medication and will continue to seek out vitamin sources and other methods as a means to deal with bipolar disorder and all the other labels that have been stuck on me over the course of the past 17 years. As I mentioned in another post, its been three months since I started mega-dosing vitamins B & C, taking a daily multi-vitamin and 1000mg of Fish and 25,000 IUs of A and I have to say I never felt better. Up next on the list of things to try is Vitamin D (ordered) and Niacin, which folks like Abram Hoffa believes can cure schizophrenia.

This guy here is Dr. Sanford Levy and I would like to meet him or visit him, but I haven’t yet figured out if he takes my insurance. That being said, check out his website, in particular, his essay on the vitamins he takes, which includes the mineral magnesium and selenium, something I have just started to read a little bit about, along with lecithin and amino acids, (yes, it is true, I actually drool over vitamin ads lately.)

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