Dr. Richard Cracknell & the Orange Squirts

The Kundalini situation really sorta wrecked my life for months in ways that would take too long to describe, but suffice to say that the notion of Kundalini Syndrome is pretty real and even a notable psychonaut like Stanislav Grof agrees with me. I am currently waiting on his book about Spiritual Emergencies to arrive in the mail from Amazon, but for months, as you may soon read about in other posts, I was stuck with strange visions, weird dreams, bizarre body sensations, strange sounds, etc, sitting in a gorgeous house 50 meters from the water on a very lonely Thai beach. My only real companion was my computer, and I spent hours composing letters to friends asking them “what the hell is this?” in various ways.

Early on, my friend Spiro(s) A. told me I needed to find a naturopath to talk to, but it took me a couple of months to find one, and when I did, I hit paydirt with Dr. Richard Cracknell, an old school meditator from California who turned me onto orthomolecular psychiatry. In his words, “with enough Vitamin C, we can sure schizophrenia,” and though I thought it was crazy at that point to take his suggested dose of between 6-12 GRAMS of Vitamin C, I will tell that it’s been over three months since that time and I dare say I’ve never felt better in my life.

As a general rule, most people take no more than 1000mg (1 gram) of Vitamin C per day, but orthomolecular medicine is based on Linus Pauling’s strange notion that if the US-RDA kept us healthy, what might happen if we started to take extra doses of vitamins? Well, Pauling, Hoffer and others spent their careers studying how extra doses might actually roll back certain chronic illnesses, among them schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and even cancer.

There’s a trick to finding out just how much Vitamin C your body can handle and I am happy to share it with you. The deal is this: you take 1000mg and you wait twenty minutes and then you take another 1000mg pill. Repeat this process until you feel a rumble in your body and you begin to spontaneous shit orange from your ass. Roll back to the number of pills you took before the orange arrived and you’ve got your daily dosage.

Initially, I was taking 5 grams a day but I can easily handle 8 at this point. I am generally only taking 5, however, because of the expense, but I am currently trying to find an MD who’ll agree with me that this method is worth working since even though vitamin supplements can be expensive, they’re certainly less expensive than the psych meds I used to take.

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