Web Kooks: Astral Projection

{I am, without a doubt, a Web Kook. I too have videos to prove it, but this chick is really something else. She has about 200 videos on YouTube…and anyone named thedarkmoonmidnight is someone who would probably be my friend IRL.}

By the time I arrived in Dharamsala, my relationship with Dee Dee Clohessy already felt real, a situation greatly enhanced by our decision to “go astral” with one another and have sex on the astral plane. I can’t recall who suggested it first, but the deal was that I would stop into the cybercafe near my first guest house, check in with her before bed and then we’d give each other twenty minutes to get ready and we’d go. In the foothills of the Himalayas, all kinds of wacky stuff seems possible, and while I can’t tell you how we did it, I will tell you the belief that we could strengthened our relationship – and also made it possible for me to do what I would end up doing in India, which was staying celibate and marrying myself on May the 1st. Check out the videos – there are lots of them on this topic – and find yourself a partner and give it a shot.

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