Healing from BiPolar Disorder

This guy is great. I discovered him on YouTube, (source of some of the most interesting ideas on the web, I kid you not) searching about for bipolar meditations. Soon after I subscribed to the BiPolarWakingUp channel, I was sent an announcement of his latest video, which describes how ego death can lead one to be “cured” from bipolar disorder.

I’d like to think I was cured by my Kundalini experience. Since that time I have been engaged in prescribing to orthomolecular medicine as my primary medicine. A big part of the reason I returned to the United States, however, was to be in touch with the psychiatric community to see if my findings made any sense to anyone – so far, I have yet to find a shrink who even knows what I am talking about, which this time around leads me to think that I’m on the right path.

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