NeuroGnosis: NeuroTheology

Someone that I correspond with on a rather regular basis is the writer Erik Davis, author of the recently published “Nomad Codes” as well as “TechGnosis,” for which I interviewed him a long, long time ago. On November 11, 2010, still reeling from the Kundalini experience, I described to him in a letter that I had had a waking dream in which I was informed that what went on was not really a religious experience, but a neurological event that was given the veneer of a religious experience because of the fact that I had been practicing a meditation from Tibetan Buddhism. It seemed to me that all religious experience basically had a neurological underpinning, that what had happened as something that occurred in the deepest parts of the brain (I’m no neurologist) and then was interpreted by the conscious parts of the brain as having something to do with whomever “god” is in one’s mind. I termed the notion “NeuroGnosis” and began to refer to the experience as “a neurological event.”

In the past few weeks, I have come to discover that there is actually a field of study that concerns itself with this types of phenomenon called Neurotheology. Read more about it on wiki.

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