Kundalini Awakening

In early September of 2010, soon after I arrived back in Thailand from India, I experienced what has been described as a “Kundalini Awakening,” in what was easily the most spectacularly frightening experience of my entire life. Spectacular in that I was awake for between 5-9 days straight. Frightening in that I had no idea what it was or where it was taking me. It would take a long time to explain where it took me – it’s entirely possible that I will never know what it meant, other than that it continues to drive me to try to understand more fully what an altered state of consciousness really is and what value it can offer those who experience them.

The catalyst for the experience was the practice of a meditation ritual known as Vajra Sattva {link leads to a .pdf article} Four Opponent Powers that I learned about while studying Tibetan Buddhism in India. A “regret/purification” meditation, I had previously only studied this technique for 2 and a half months and really simply had no prior experience with it that would lead me to believe it could take me to such a place. These days, a lot of what happened inside that experience informs my current study and reading, and I’ll be sharing more links relational to that as time goes on.

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