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The Collapse of Time: Confessions of a Quantum Humanist, now available as a Kindle book

On September 11, 2001, writer Gregory Pleshaw watched the Twin Towers fall on a television screen inside a sailboat parked in San Francisco Harbor. Recently returned from Burning Man, Pleshaw scuttled plans to go to New York City and instead traded a tower computer for a GMC van and drove up the coast for a […]

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Joblessness: An Epidemic in the US Right Now

Interesting, disturbing and to some degree – hopeful article in the Atlantic on unemployment in the US right now. Even though the government wants us to believe the recession is over, it may be quite some time before the average person feels it. But if you’re out of work and you’ve been looking for a […]

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Dr. Sanford Levy: #1 google-spot for “Buffalo Doctors vitamins”

Since arriving in Buffalo, I have pretty much figured out that despite my initial thoughts, I will not go back on Western medication and will continue to seek out vitamin sources and other methods as a means to deal with bipolar disorder and all the other labels that have been stuck on me over the […]

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Weird Letter: Aryuveda & Migraines

some letters aren’t weird at all – they’re informative and could lead to gifts. this is one such letter to a friend in need of a migraine remedy. I found two great ones in first Thailand and then India – and I’m happy to say at this point that I don’t seem to get migraines […]

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Web Kooks: Astral Projection

{I am, without a doubt, a Web Kook. I too have videos to prove it, but this chick is really something else. She has about 200 videos on YouTube…and anyone named thedarkmoonmidnight is someone who would probably be my friend IRL.} By the time I arrived in Dharamsala, my relationship with Dee Dee Clohessy already […]

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Dr. Abram Hoffer: His Daily Vitamins

Dr. Abram Hoffer, author of “Healing Schizophrenia,” was a pioneer in the field of orthomolecular psychiatry, otherwise known as vitamin megadosing for the “mentally ill.”  Working alongside Dr. Linus Pauling, Hoffer was among a group of physicians who began to look at the USA-RDA for vitamins and wonder what might happen if people took much […]

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Michael Harner: Modern Shaman

Michael Harner helped launch the modern shamanic movement with a book called “The Way of the Shaman.” Here he discusses how the use of a drum can lead people to Shamanic states of consciousness.

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Strident Press launches

Strident Press was conceived through a spontaneous transmission delivered to writer Gregory Pleshaw in the early morning hours of April 16, 2010 on a train from New Delhi to Dharamsala, India. It was intended to exist as the travel blog of Pleshaw’s journey to India, during which Pleshaw studied yoga, reiki, Tibetan Buddhism and other […]

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Healing from BiPolar Disorder

This guy is great. I discovered him on YouTube, (source of some of the most interesting ideas on the web, I kid you not) searching about for bipolar meditations. Soon after I subscribed to the BiPolarWakingUp channel, I was sent an announcement of his latest video, which describes how ego death can lead one to […]

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