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Looking for the post on Zaahah? It has migrated…

Yesterday, while testing this site for bugs, I posted a short piece about Zaahah, a new social network that is being tested in New Mexico at UNM. I have migrated the location of the post to its permanent location at Please visit there if you care to take part in the discussion about this […]

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Tales from Thailand coming soon

Written on the banks of the Mekong River in the spring of 2010, Tales from Thailand is a 48-page e-book (link opens .pdf file) about life in Thailand just before the revolution that didn’t quite come to pass. It consists of nine stories that outline the various facets of life in being in Thailand, specifically […]

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The Collapse of Time: Confessions of a Quantum Humanist, now available as a Kindle book

On September 11, 2001, writer Gregory Pleshaw watched the Twin Towers fall on a television screen inside a sailboat parked in San Francisco Harbor. Recently returned from Burning Man, Pleshaw scuttled plans to go to New York City and instead traded a tower computer for a GMC van and drove up the coast for a […]

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Joblessness: An Epidemic in the US Right Now

Interesting, disturbing and to some degree – hopeful article in the Atlantic on unemployment in the US right now. Even though the government wants us to believe the recession is over, it may be quite some time before the average person feels it. But if you’re out of work and you’ve been looking for a […]

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Weird Letter: Aryuveda & Migraines

some letters aren’t weird at all – they’re informative and could lead to gifts. this is one such letter to a friend in need of a migraine remedy. I found two great ones in first Thailand and then India – and I’m happy to say at this point that I don’t seem to get migraines […]

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Strident Press launches

Strident Press was conceived through a spontaneous transmission delivered to writer Gregory Pleshaw in the early morning hours of April 16, 2010 on a train from New Delhi to Dharamsala, India. It was intended to exist as the travel blog of Pleshaw’s journey to India, during which Pleshaw studied yoga, reiki, Tibetan Buddhism and other […]

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Dr. Richard Cracknell & the Orange Squirts

The Kundalini situation really sorta wrecked my life for months in ways that would take too long to describe, but suffice to say that the notion of Kundalini Syndrome is pretty real and even a notable psychonaut like Stanislav Grof agrees with me. I am currently waiting on his book about Spiritual Emergencies to arrive […]

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Crazy in America: the “Chemical Inbalance” trope

For years I’ve talked about writing a book about my experiences in the mental health care system to be called “Crazy in America.” I won’t give away too much here at this point, but I have always thought that the opening chapter should talk about my opening chapter with mental health, whereby I was consistently […]

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