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Healing from BiPolar Disorder

This guy is great. I discovered him on YouTube, (source of some of the most interesting ideas on the web, I kid you not) searching about for bipolar meditations. Soon after I subscribed to the BiPolarWakingUp channel, I was sent an announcement of his latest video, which describes how ego death can lead one to […]

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Dr. Richard Cracknell & the Orange Squirts

The Kundalini situation really sorta wrecked my life for months in ways that would take too long to describe, but suffice to say that the notion of Kundalini Syndrome is pretty real and even a notable psychonaut like Stanislav Grof agrees with me. I am currently waiting on his book about Spiritual Emergencies to arrive […]

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NeuroGnosis: NeuroTheology

Someone that I correspond with on a rather regular basis is the writer Erik Davis, author of the recently published “Nomad Codes” as well as “TechGnosis,” for which I interviewed him a long, long time ago. On November 11, 2010, still reeling from the Kundalini experience, I described to him in a letter that I […]

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Kundalini Awakening

In early September of 2010, soon after I arrived back in Thailand from India, I experienced what has been described as a “Kundalini Awakening,” in what was easily the most spectacularly frightening experience of my entire life. Spectacular in that I was awake for between 5-9 days straight. Frightening in that I had no idea […]

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WWOOF: See the World from the Earth

This is something I learned about in India and looked into before I left Thailand but there was nothing listed for them. (I have since found an independent list that has 15 Thai farms on it.) WWOOF is World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and by all accounts, it’s a great way to travel and […]

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Crazy in America: the “Chemical Inbalance” trope

For years I’ve talked about writing a book about my experiences in the mental health care system to be called “Crazy in America.” I won’t give away too much here at this point, but I have always thought that the opening chapter should talk about my opening chapter with mental health, whereby I was consistently […]

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